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Chef - Inspired
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Single Bottle Batch
"Craft Distilled - Micro Distillery"
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New York State of Mind

"Super-Premium Spirits"

HomeTown Brew Distillery Clearly Mixable Product line

As a chef I went back to the drawing board to come up with a truly original recipe made with the finest local ingredients, those only found in my home town of Rochester, NY. As a distiller I started off with the mindset of creating what some people will call the finest drink they have ever had. Hometown brew has created the only single-bottle batch in the world! Which means that once you drink the bottle, it’s gone forever! No two bottles are the same. I wanted to handcraft every aspect of each bottle, just as I did with the dishes I prepared as a chef.

I began by hand-cutting each 10 gallon batch. I cut 97% of the alcohol and its impurities, leaving only 3% or just enough for a single bottle of the most pure alcohol on the market.

"I take the finished product and hand-fill, hand-label, and hand-wax dip every single bottle that leaves our distillery, each gets my stamp of approval as a distiller, and as a chef. From my kitchen to yours add some shine to your glass with HomeTown Brew."