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Home Town Brew Distillery on ROC Podcast with Shoot To Thrill

Hey Everyone! Check it out - HomeTown Brew Distillery's first Podcast...

"You Can Hear It Here!"

Listen to JT and Ryan with the guys from Shoot to Thrill on ROC

Vinnie Paulino

Joe Palmatere

Brian McBride

Bryan Ball

Shoot to Thrills Podcast S3 Episode #33

"Home Town Buzzed or Everyone Hide Behind the Math"

In this episode of Shoot to Thrill Vinnie is joined by Comedian Bryan Ball and guest newsman Brian McBride and special guests J.T Taylor and Ryan DeSain from brand new Rochester based Hometown Brew Distillery they bring us some of their incredible Moonshine, Spiced Rum and “Holy Water” Vodka and teach us how to make a special ”Good, Bad & Ugly Margarita”

December 5, 2013

Geolocation is 37.09024, -95.712891